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About Grant Fabrication/Kustoms

Grant Fabrication strives to make the most accurate fitting custom sheet metal products available in the market place.  From a simple rollpan, to a “frenched” license plate box in a tailskin, to an entire lighted combo, Grant produces the custom look you want.  Grant goes the extra distance to make sure that their products fit your mini or fullsize truck, the first time, every time, with no mistakes.  A perfect fit means less welding and grinding, so no time is wasted finishing the mistakes and imperfections commonly found it competitors products.  All of Grant Fabs seams are fully welded, not tack welded like the competitors, giving you the quality look and fit that everyone wants.

All Grant Fab rollpans, tailskins and combo’s are make from 18 gauge sheet metal with an electrostatically applied “primer” called “Paint Lock”.  The Parts are then formed by hand using patterns made with factory specifications for that perfect fit. 


Owner/Operator Bob Grant got his first taste of auto body modifications back in the early 1980’s experimenting with fiberglass and polymer body fillers.  In 1986 Bob installed his first “C” notch in his own vehicle.  By 1992, everything Bob was building was bodydropped and customized.  In 1996, Bob was still working at an air duct company and building metal parts on the side.  As the demand for his products rose, Bob quit his job and opened up a full fabrication facility to concentrate on custom fabrication full time.

Seeing the quality of Grant’s parts is reason enough for IF to carry their whole line of products.  Grant has the industries largest inventory of templates for sheet metal products.  If you want custom sheetmetal, give us a call and find out what is offered for your vehicle.