Name:  Felipe Hernandez "Phil Dez", Shop Nickname "Commandant"

Age: 29

D.O.B. - March 12, 1974

Work Experience:  1st Job- Box boy at Hughes for 2 years @ $8.00 an hour.  2nd Job- Selling Volkswagon parts for 2months @ $5.25 an hour.  3rd Job- Worked on a farm for 3 years @ 7.50 an hour.  4th Job- Worked at Home Depot for 4 1/2 years @ $13.25 an hour.  I have been working at I.F. for 2 years and counting @ $2.50 an hour.  In between all of my jobs for the past 10 years, I have been working construction on and off.

Vehicle:  Mercedes E320 laid out on 20's.  1996 Crew Cab Dually bodydropped.

Favorite Tool:  Torch

Job at the Shop:  I focus on frame work for bodydrops, but I also help with everything else around the shop including suspensions and shaving.  I am also the self-proclaimed snake veterinarian.

Education:  I graduated from Birmingham High School in 1992 and went on to Pierce College for 2 years.

Favorite Word / Saying:  "Jackass"

Favorite Quote:  "Slow down, you get there faster"

Club Affiliation:  Down to Earth

Favorite Movie:  Shawshank Redemption