Chris's '63 Chevy

Chris's Chevy is cut to the doors, will be chopped 3 to 4 inches and should rail as well as Travis' 70.  Should be the lowest 60's Chevy built.  Powered by a small block and an overdrive trans.  

Chris's '63 Chevy is currently under construction. Chris's '63 Chevy is currently under construction.


Checking out the progress and hopefully coming up with more ideas for the truck.Close view of the cut off rocker panels and the factory floor.  Stock floors rule.Small block Chevy installed and bed set into place.24 inches of lift in the back.  If Chris stripping his doors for shaving and eventual bodywork.
 Custom fuel cell holds just under 30 gallons of fuel.Designing the upper and lower shock mounts.This late model Chevy bed is donating it's bed floor for Chris' 63. 
2-link bars with shock mounts installed. Fonze tacking in mounts for watts link. Travis prepping the frame  to be sent to the paint shop.
Completed watts link.  This takes the place of a panhard bar and works very well.  Even with 24 inches of lift, the axle stays within 1/2 inch of center throughout all the suspension travel.  Fonze prepping the motor mounts for sending out to the paint shop.
watts-link.jpg (19284 bytes)watts-link-1.jpg (16864 bytes)watts-link-2.jpg (21116 bytes)
 Fonze building air valve mounts.   
watts-link-3.jpg (16756 bytes)watts-link-6.jpg (16642 bytes)watts-link-5.jpg (13577 bytes) Chris-chop.jpg (27898 bytes)
here's a few close ups of the watts linkit is built slightly different than the optimum designwe had to accommodate the large amount of lift

so we built it with longer bars than are optimum.

 Chris-chop-cuts-marked.jpg (24798 bytes) Chris-chop-cuts-marked-1.jpg (24490 bytes) Chris-chop-cuts-marked-2.jpg (26761 bytes) Chris-chop-11.jpg (26803 bytes)Chris-chop-15.jpg (22837 bytes) 
Top marked out for the chop.   3 1/2 inch total.Sawzall is warmed up and ready   
 Chris-chop-Fonze-cutting.jpg (28291 bytes) Chris-chop-19.jpg (25114 bytes) Chris-chop-20.jpg (23725 bytes) Chris-chop-18.jpg (29213 bytes)Chris-chop-convertable.jpg (26863 bytes) 
Fonze showing off his chopping ability. Travis drilling holes for spotwelding. Top and we need to find someone to put it back together.
 Chris-chop-7.jpg (24585 bytes) Chris-chop-convertable-2.jpg (32549 bytes)Chris-chop-17.jpg (22392 bytes) Chris-chop-convertable-3.jpg (25240 bytes) Chris-chop-14.jpg (31112 bytes)
Turn it upside down and you can ride down a ski slope with your buddies and some beer.At this point, we could leave it alone and voila: permanent convertible.
Chris-chop-6.jpg (23182 bytes)Chris-chop-9.jpg (23883 bytes)Chris-chop-8.jpg (26204 bytes)chrisalmostreadyforbodywork.jpg (36467 bytes)Chris-chop-4.jpg (34527 bytes)
 Fine tuning for welding.   
Chris-chop-16.jpg (29552 bytes)Chris-chop-2.jpg (29137 bytes)Chris-chop-3.jpg (23867 bytes)Chris-chop-1.jpg (30618 bytes)Chris-chop-welding.jpg (25808 bytes)
 Courtney shooting pictures as the top drps.Welding almost complete. Tag team welding.
    Chris-chop-pieces.jpg (27126 bytes)
    Scrap metal to be melted down for reincarnation as a Honda.

These pictures are of the final prep work before sending the parts to the paint shop.  After receiving the parts, everything was assembled carefully for the rolling chassis.  

63-chevy-aa.jpg (32131 bytes)

63-chevy-bb.jpg (24481 bytes)

63-chevy-cc.jpg (21562 bytes)

63-chevy-z.jpg (29493 bytes)

63-chevy-y.jpg (23724 bytes)

63-chevy-w.jpg (30485 bytes)

63-chevy-x.jpg (27102 bytes)

63-chevy-r.jpg (30739 bytes)

63-chevy-ee.jpg (27936 bytes)

63-chevy-ff.jpg (26558 bytes)

63-chevy-gg.jpg (26701 bytes)

63-chevy-q.jpg (32279 bytes)

63-chevy-s.jpg (30308 bytes)

63-chevy-v.jpg (29254 bytes)

63-chevy-t.jpg (33153 bytes)

63-chevy-p.jpg (32441 bytes)

63-chevy-n.jpg (26795 bytes)

63-chevy-l.jpg (34327 bytes)

This is for anyone who says we can't build show trucks with a detailed chassis.

63-chevy-o.jpg (26765 bytes)

63-chevy-j.jpg (20530 bytes)

Courtney from Street Trucks magazine showed up to take some pictures.

63-chevy-k.jpg (26088 bytes)

63-chevy-m.jpg (25898 bytes)

The pictures will accompany the feature shoot in the future.    
63project1.jpg (29429 bytes)63project2.jpg (21181 bytes)63project3.jpg (26921 bytes)63project11.jpg (35613 bytes)
Cleaning up door gaps by adding metal to the door edges. Finished doors will have gaps that are closer and straighter. Cutting out rust from door corners.
63project10.jpg (33192 bytes)63project4.jpg (22836 bytes)63project6.jpg (32330 bytes)63project5.jpg (48308 bytes)
 Tapping panel into place.Welding is complete.Grinding before bodywork.
63turningon20s1.jpg (35539 bytes)63turningon20s.jpg (30449 bytes)63project.jpg (29875 bytes)63project9.jpg (30242 bytes)
Louis smoothing out the firewall.
63bodyman1.jpg (29496 bytes)63project7.jpg (35661 bytes) 63chevyfirewall3.jpg (43127 bytes)63bodyman.jpg (29453 bytes)63project8.jpg (11990 bytes)
   Louis filling up the doors with material.  The factory pieces are very rough. 
63bed.jpg (37325 bytes)63chevyfirewal.jpg (28808 bytes)63chevyfirewall.jpg (39973 bytes)63chevyfirewall1.jpg (34107 bytes)63chevyfirewall2.jpg (33384 bytes)
fonzeworkingon63cab.jpg (34983 bytes)The space is being made to allow the truck to turn while low.View of the inside of the firewall.  This is where the footwell area was clearanced for the tire. 
coutowindshield.jpg (34794 bytes)coutowindshield1.jpg (37325 bytes)coutowindshield2.jpg (48883 bytes)CutoChevy.jpg (30563 bytes) 

Chris continues to plug away at his project.  The truck runs and drives and found itself dragging some Mississippi roads this past May.  Truck is headed up to Grant Kustoms for skinned doors, skinned bedsides to straighten out the body.  Soon it will head into paint for the final stages of a truly one of a kind truck.