Raymond's Toyota in for a quick airbag job.  We will be bodydropping it soon and chopping the top.  Look for the rockers to end up missing also.

toyota-rear-suspension.jpg (25031 bytes) toyota-solenoids.jpg (24739 bytes) toyota-under-richs.jpg (26816 bytes) toyota-work-ft-suspension.jpg (24196 bytes) philcuttingontoy.jpg (29043 bytes)
Travis building the rear of the truck. Preparing to lower the Toyota the easy way.

Sorry we sucked on getting more pics of the suspension up.  The Toyota came back and is now being bodydropped and cut to the door.  Pictures of the framework will be up in the next couple of days. 

  worldslowesttoyota.jpg (50523 bytes)
This Toyota  was spotted at truck jamboree.  It's one of the lowest trucks we've ever seen.  This bad ass truck is the motivation for us to build Raymond's toy.  We won't stop until Raymond's toy is lower. 

We are trying a bodydrop on this truck that will not be as stock as we like.  The floor will be raised 2 inches or slightly more.  This is due to the fact that the truck is receiving a 5 inch bodydrop.  There is only so much we can shorten the frame and we went with a 3x3 box tube with 1/4 inch wall thickness.  The savings in space over a normal bodydrop will allow us to chop the top on the truck but retain enough headroom/legroom to drive comfortably.

raystoy2.jpg (20807 bytes) raystoy11.jpg (34119 bytes) raystoy1.jpg (17012 bytes) raystoy12.jpg (29031 bytes) raystoy7.jpg (21957 bytes)
The rockers are cut off and replaced with 1/4 inch plate.   Here's the hybrid inner frame ready to be welded in.    
raystoy3.jpg (37997 bytes) raystoy4.jpg (18216 bytes) raystoy13.jpg (15688 bytes) raystoy14.jpg (31503 bytes) raystoy15.jpg (33089 bytes)
  After the hybrid frame is in place, Phil cuts off the top of the factory frame. Another view of the 1/4 inch rockers.  These things will send a shower of sparks when railing.    
raystoy26.jpg (30570 bytes) raystoy17.jpg (38240 bytes) raystoy18.jpg (36325 bytes) raystoy20.jpg (36825 bytes) raystoy21.jpg (38808 bytes)
Frame was stepped in front to lay the front crossmember and the frame at the same time.      The factory floor needs to be removed.  
raystoy24.jpg (33552 bytes) raystoy25.jpg (37539 bytes) raystoy16.jpg (13437 bytes) raystoy27.jpg (33658 bytes) raystoy29.jpg (10749 bytes)
  Phil cutting out the firewall for engine clearance.    The cab floor is removed. This thing tucks a serious amount of rim.  These are only 17's.
raystoy30.jpg (37121 bytes) raystoy31.jpg (32843 bytes) raystoy32.jpg (31233 bytes) raystoy33.jpg (49483 bytes) raystoy34.jpg (33089 bytes)
  Mocking up the front fenders to see what we got.   Tire clearance is very important to allow the truck to turn when it's on the ground. This is where the new cab mounts are being built.
raystoy35.jpg (36486 bytes) raystoy36.jpg (30455 bytes) crazytoybd.jpg (26335 bytes) crazytoybd1.jpg (27352 bytes) crazytoybd2.jpg (35287 bytes)
    Floor starting to go back in over the driveshaft. Phil reinforcing the inside of the fenders with 1/4 inch rods. Brake booster and clutch slave cylinder were relocated for tire clearance.
crazytoybd3.jpg (34141 bytes) crazytoybd4.jpg (23453 bytes) crazytoybd5.jpg (37238 bytes) crazytoybd6.jpg (25035 bytes) crazytoybd7.jpg (22549 bytes)
    The fenders were cut up very high for the tires on the inside. Borrowed wheel shows how the front will tuck on 17's with low profile tires.  
crazytoybd8.jpg (15843 bytes) crazytoybd9.jpg (33251 bytes) crazytoybd10.jpg (29883 bytes) steveworkraytruck.jpg (36553 bytes) raychop2.jpg (29429 bytes)
  Phil putting the floor back in. Finish shot of driveshaft hump. Steve dropped by the shop and prepped the toy for the chop.  
rayschop15.jpg (29021 bytes) rayschop3.jpg (29890 bytes) rayschop4.jpg (25471 bytes) rayschop2.jpg (35616 bytes) rayschop14.jpg (27050 bytes)
  Setting braces for the chop top.     Phil drilling out spot welds from the rear cab brace.
rayschop13.jpg (31773 bytes) rayschop16.jpg (27736 bytes) rayschop17.jpg (31783 bytes) rayschop18.jpg (29214 bytes) rayschop19.jpg (35256 bytes)
  Starting the cutting with the sawzall.     Phil cutting the rear pillar.
rayschop8.jpg (22132 bytes) rayschop20.jpg (29746 bytes) rayschop21.jpg (27962 bytes) rayschop12.jpg (33705 bytes) rayschop11.jpg (33152 bytes)
    Fonze taking his turn.   Roof removal.
rayschop10.jpg (30602 bytes) rayschop26.jpg (38186 bytes) rayschop7.jpg (32627 bytes) rayschop9.jpg (36659 bytes) rayschop23.jpg (27147 bytes)
  Laying back the door pillars.     Roof set back on ready to fit and weld.
rayschop25.jpg (37451 bytes) rayschop24.jpg (28531 bytes) toyotachop1.jpg (25716 bytes) crazytoychop1.jpg (22666 bytes) crazytoychop2.jpg (31869 bytes)
  Truck is slowly taking shape.      
toyotahood1.jpg (32332 bytes) crazytoynewbedfloor.jpg (27954 bytes) crazytoybedfloorwork.jpg (21998 bytes) crazytoybedwork.jpg (30049 bytes) crazytoybedfloor.jpg (29152 bytes)
Hood cut out for motor.  This is probably not cool.       Building the smooth sheet metal bed floor.
crazytoyraymondweldonbed.jpg (19057 bytes) crazytoyraymondworkonbed.jpg (23920 bytes) raymondsbedfloor.jpg (22090 bytes) crazytoychopfinish.jpg (22054 bytes) fonzecuttingglass.jpg (15980 bytes)
  Raymond welding his truck back together. Gas filler in the bedfloor.    
fonzecuttingglass2.jpg (26360 bytes) fonzestillcuttingglass.jpg (21929 bytes) raymondatFFF.jpg (23693 bytes)    
    Crazy Toy in primer at Forbidden Fantasy show.  The rollpan is ripped up from dragging but the new one is already being installed.