Dan's Silverado came in originally for a fast bag job.  He rolled on the premiere cruise to Mississippi with us. After a trip to Showfest, Dan decided that he wanted to drag rockers before leaving for Greenville in 2004.  A stock-floor bodydrop cured that and the truck logged it's second 3600 mile trip.  

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Dan's truck on the way out. LED third brake light installed in place of the factory piece. Gas filler reinstalled inside the bed of the truck. Temporary switch set up.  This will be replaced by a factory 4 window piece with the extra window buttons for the air suspension.
Rear driver view of the trac bar. Front passenger view of the trac bar. Length view of trac bar. Top view of airsystem.  New GC valves installed.
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Close up of the valves mounted. Truck laid out on 20s. Air gauge installed in the overhead console.  
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Fonze working on final modifications.      
The Bodydrop begins.
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New frame clamped into place.      
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New frame welded into place.      
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Notching cowl area for intake manifold. Front frame notching for core support.   Bedsides being dropped down to match cab.
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Final details on new frame.   Truck bodydropped before comboskin is installed.  
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