Austin's Explorer for repair work.  When this truck arrived, it's frame was falling out and it's suspension was not far behind.  We did what we could to salvage the truck and hopefully it will see many trouble free miles.

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    Removing the old frame. This piece of junk practically fell out on it's own.  
Explorer-rollpan-1.jpg (27139 bytes) Explorer-rollpan-2.jpg (27059 bytes) Explorer-rollpan-3.jpg (21830 bytes) Explorer-rollpan-6.jpg (22270 bytes) Explorer-rollpan.jpg (22236 bytes)
      Austin also wanted a custom roll pan.  
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  We built the pan though it wasn't very fun.      
Explorer-fonze-welding-roll.jpg (21918 bytes) Explorer-license-plate.jpg (19928 bytes) Explorer-frenched-license-p.jpg (22648 bytes) Explorer-rollpan-grinding.jpg (20013 bytes) Explorer-rollpan-grinding-1.jpg (19856 bytes)
Fonze welding up the pan.   Travis frenching the license plate in.    
exploreron20's.jpg (35126 bytes) exploreron20's1.jpg (29616 bytes) exploreron20's2.jpg (35707 bytes)    
    Explorer dropped on 20's. Truck will be returning soon to lower the front a few inches more.