Jeff Troxell's Pro Street Dodge Ram

Jeff orders up a serious suspension project.  Fit 18.5 wide Hoosier tires under the rear of his supercharged Dodge Ram.  Of course, running through the IF shop means this truck will lay the frame on the ground.  A custom cantilever inboard 2-link will lift the truck to roll down the road.  An improved ride and tucking tire will help make this daily driver more comfortable and fun. 

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Hoosier slicks sitting next to the stock Dodge wheels. Cary measuring out for the axle.   New axle from Dynatrac Cracker builds some temporary wheel mounts.
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  Welding stock frame sections together. Old axle in foreground.    
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Cary setting up the narrowed third member.        
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  One off 2-link set up taking shape. Fonze's handiwork.  Modifying Grant tail fillers to fit "the other guy's" combo skin.   Bryan welding up the inner skin of Jeff's Dodge.
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