Kevin dropped his truck off with new MHT 22 inch wheels.  Put the body on the ground was his order.  Fortunately for us, Kevin will be handling all the rewiring on his truck to accommodate the wheels.  He also is responsible for removing the dash and all modifications related to wiring.

kevin's.jpg (19590 bytes) kevin's-front-end-view.jpg (19513 bytes) kevin's-side-view-1.jpg (21494 bytes) kevin's-22's.jpg (25254 bytes) kevinf150bd3.jpg (32635 bytes)
   When the F-150 rolled in, it laid frame on the big wheels.   Cutting space for the wheels.   
kevinf150bd2.jpg (31658 bytes) kevinf150bd.jpg (40194 bytes) kevinf150bd1.jpg (32644 bytes) kevinf150bd4.jpg (33570 bytes) kevinf150bd10.jpg (39867 bytes)
 Installing the custom frame into the factory frame.  Stepping the front horns for the bodydrop.  We will be keeping the sway bar for improved handling.


Any holes in the frame are plug welded for strength.  Torching off  frame parts. 
kevinf150bd11.jpg (44238 bytes) kevinf150bd12.jpg (46540 bytes) kevinf150bd13.jpg (51692 bytes) kevinf150bd14.jpg (53121 bytes) kevinf150bd5.jpg (39030 bytes)
   3/8 inner plating for strength.      Removing the old frame pieces.
kevinf150bd6.jpg (43527 bytes) kevinf150bd7.jpg (42640 bytes) kevinf150bd8.jpg (38040 bytes) kevinf150bd9.jpg (41624 bytes) bdon22s.jpg (43465 bytes)
  Top view of the frame as it is slowly modified.     Another shot of  removing pieces.  
bdon22s1.jpg (38740 bytes) f-150bd.jpg (39656 bytes) f-150bd1.jpg (29124 bytes) kevinford.jpg (42364 bytes) kevinfendersupport.jpg (39631 bytes)
Front frame work.  Making space with the small sledge.  If this one doesn't work, we'll bring out the ten pounder. Big mess inside.  If this truck ever runs again, it will surprise us all.
kevinguttedinterior.jpg (42347 bytes) layingbodyon22's.jpg (47569 bytes) layingbodyon22's1.jpg (22679 bytes) layingbodyon22's4.jpg (33810 bytes) f150missingfloor.jpg (42343 bytes)
  Inner fenders are hogged out for the oversized wheels. Finally laying down on 22's.  It actually needs about 1/4 inch more and we'll get it in the next few days.   Another shot of the floor inside the cab.
kevinsa-arms2.jpg (39969 bytes) kevinsa-arms1.jpg (31576 bytes) kevinsa-arms.jpg (30598 bytes) kevinsa-arms3.jpg (29006 bytes) kevinsa-arms4.jpg (25876 bytes)
One arm that is full length and one that is shortened 3/4 of an inch. Before. After. Travis modifying the a-arms. The 22s camber a bunch when it lays. 
kevinsa-arms5.jpg (41339 bytes) kevinsa-arms6.jpg (35533 bytes) kevinsbd.jpg (38675 bytes) kevinsbd1.jpg (29142 bytes) kevinsbd2.jpg (44733 bytes)
Arms shortened and modified ready to be installed.   The exhaust system is back in and the floor will be going in shortly. The old blow-through port from the bed is sealed up. Starting to fit the new inner fender wells.
kevinsradiator.jpg (50005 bytes) kevinsradiator2.jpg (30627 bytes)
Installing the radiator. It goes back in a few inches higher.  The factory mount is modified to accommodate the radiator relocation. Stretching the first set of wires. Kevin lengthened over 80 wires in the engine control module harness to allow better placement.  
    The driver side had over 150 wires that were extended. Fonze welding up the floor and rear cab wall. Bed cut down for the bodydrop.
kevinbodydrop.jpg (29416 bytes) kevinbodydrop1.jpg (27575 bytes) kevinbodydrop3.jpg (23277 bytes)
Inner fenderwells almost compete.  Just some bodywork and paint. The gas tank is shortened to fit correctly.   Inner fenders taking shape after bodywork.  
kevinbodydrop4.jpg (29412 bytes) kevinbodydrop2.jpg (22496 bytes) kevinbodydrop5.jpg (16867 bytes) kevinbodydropnew2.jpg (30503 bytes) kevinbodydropnewalso.jpg (27000 bytes)
Kevin seam sealing the welded floor and cab wall.  Inner fenders are bodyworked out and ready for sealer and undercoating. Tuckin' lots of wheel. We can't wait to get the truck out in the sun and see how it looks.
kevinbodydropnew1.jpg (20220 bytes) kevinbodydropnew1also.jpg (31023 bytes) kevinbedfloor.jpg (25301 bytes) Kevin took his f-150 back to Pacific Coast motoring to build the stereo system. kevinsbox3.jpg (24360 bytes)
step in the rear of the bed. Installing the base of the future box.
kevinsbox2.jpg (34888 bytes) kevinsbox.jpg (33888 bytes) kevinsstereo5.jpg (25997 bytes) kevinsstereo6.jpg (24340 bytes) kevinsstereo8.jpg (25220 bytes)
Here's the speakers being mocked up. Ready to begin forming with fiberglass. Laying up the mold cloth and applying the first coats of resin.  
kevinsstereo53.jpg (40044 bytes) kevinsstereo7.jpg (30377 bytes) kevinsstereo3.jpg (29369 bytes) kevinsstereo4.jpg (29569 bytes) kevinstereoa.jpg (32326 bytes)
The basic shape of the box is beginning to take. The hole in the lower right section of the box is the port.
kevinsstereoa1.jpg (46468 bytes) kevinsstereoa2.jpg (41198 bytes) kevinsstereo2.jpg (30196 bytes) kevinsstereo.jpg (25432 bytes) kevinsstereo1.jpg (17527 bytes)
 The custom pods being set into the door panels. Nearly finished product.
kevinboxclose8.jpg (19239 bytes) kevinboxclose9.jpg (18376 bytes) kevinboxclose2.jpg (21701 bytes) kevinboxclose.jpg (18509 bytes) kevinboxclose3.jpg (21421 bytes)
Final door panel before painting. Fitting the Kicker 15" sub to the box. Box ready for finish bodywork and paintwork. Fabrication of center console commencing.
kevinboxclose7.jpg (23854 bytes) kevinboxclose4.jpg (12793 bytes) kevinboxclose6.jpg (19919 bytes) kevinboxclose5.jpg (25548 bytes) kevin'sboxwork.jpg (265260 bytes)
The back of the box houses an 8" sub under the console. Center channel is covered by the speakers in the console.
kevin'sboxwork1.jpg (285490 bytes) kevin'sboxwork2.jpg (273697 bytes) kevinsenginearea4.jpg (47684 bytes) kevinsenginearea.jpg (35940 bytes) kevinsenginearea3.jpg (41747 bytes)
Truck rolls back over to IF for final fabrication and air system work. The brake booster has been relocated. It sets about 14 inches forward of where it previously resided.
kevinsenginearea2.jpg (36136 bytes) kevinsenginearea1.jpg (33226 bytes) kevinboxetc.jpg (38506 bytes) kevinboxetc1.jpg (38919 bytes) kevinboxetc2.jpg (50250 bytes)
This works well with Kevin's truck but will not fit on a v-8 engine with 22's. Engine compartment as the truck is nearing completion. Kevin's stereo installation work shows in the custom door panels.   The box is big and hits pretty f**n low.
kevinboxetc3.jpg (38507 bytes) kevinboxetc4.jpg (38317 bytes) kevinboxetc5.jpg (57826 bytes) bradandkevin603photoshoot2.jpg (16798 bytes) bradandkevin603photoshoot3.jpg (22643 bytes)
  Capacitors are built in and the amps are mounted to the top of the speaker box. Stinger battery is visible below the capacitors. Kevin's truck with Brad's and Josh's. Getting some driving video for future use.