Little Rob's Caprice in for shaving and bagging.  We'll be trying out a different rear suspension on his car looking for more lift and better ride quality.

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Cutting out for the new gas filler in the trunk door jamb. Grinding down the fresh welds. New fiberglass rollpan installed.
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Suspension specialist Travis Pruis cuts out the entire rear floor area. Maze of marks to try and figure where the notches will go.

Frame is cut out for the notches.

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Setting the notches into place. Welding the notches in.
Rear suspension close to completion.
    Floor being welded back in.    
  lilrobscapriceshavedroofrac.jpg (21987 bytes)  
      Also working on the roof shaving as the car progresses.  
Fonze busting out. The fiberglass rollpan is removed for a hand fabricated steel one.
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Since no pan is available, Fonze is building one from scratch. He is also building taillight fillers from scratch as well.
   Fonze making the 20s fit under the stock hood.      
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