Marc parks his 95 Chevy in front of the shop for a stance change.  The truck sports a 4/6 drop but will see the concrete soon enough.  22 inch Foose wheels on the way.  (front and rear)

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The 95 rolled in with a Cadillac front clip and stock wheels. Marc had been slowly modifying the truck with a few friends.   A few days after dropping off the truck, he dropped off the 22's. Here's the 22 inch Foose wheels.
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    Truck looks clean but the 22's make the 4-6 drop seem understated. Travis building link bars.  
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Stock rear suspension with a 6 inch flip kit.   View of the upper bag mounts and link bars in the rear. New rear suspension, notches and air system. At this point with the suspension almost completed.  Marc decided to drop the truck another 2 3/4 inches.
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View of the new frame and crossmembers. Reinforcement plates will be added to the frame after it is shortened. Transmission hump is raised 1/2 inch.  This will hide under the stock carpet.   Notched gas tank for cab floor clearance.
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Final welding and painting still need to be done.   Tuckin lots-o-22.   Almost half wheel.
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Tire nears the top of the fenders.     Sectioning the bumper to fit.  
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Truck laid out.  It's on the road now but will be back for bed work. Here's the inner fenders being tacked into place.      
markatFFF.jpg (28828 bytes)      
  Mark at the Forbidden Fantasy show.  Truck is currently headed for the paint shop.  We hope to see it back before the new year.