Mike Fitch has become the proud owner of a Peterbilt which he has kindly offered to tow an IF trailer with.  This truck was prepped for paint by IF and sent to the paint shop where it got a fresh coat of paint and even a set of flames.

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Here it is, LITTLE PETEY Almost as tall as the building. Peterbilt's rule! Got enough batteries? Cary and Mike sanding the roof.
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Beginning to sand hood. Sanding the doors and cowl. Truck after the paint shop laid on the primer. Fred readjusting the lights in the shop so the truck would fit. Fred and Mike disassembling the truck.
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Mike sanding. More disassembly. ....more disassembly Fonze sanding. Fred sanding.
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Fenders blue lined at the paint shop. Mike's company name on his door.
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Flames blue lined at the paint shop.     Fonze working on the flames.  
peterbilt-dropshadows-compl.jpg (17216 bytes) peterbilt-fonze-airbrushing.jpg (21138 bytes) peterbilt-drop-shadows.jpg (15145 bytes) Peterbuilt-pumpkin-trav-air.jpg (36514 bytes) Peterbuilt-pumpkin.jpg (50586 bytes)
    Drop shadows on the flames. Travis airbrushing a skull on the enormous axle housing.  
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Finish artwork on the differential.   Pulling the truck out in the sun for the 1st time.   Diesel trucks suck.
Peterbuilt-CREW.jpg (12674 bytes) Peterbuilt-hood.jpg (21420 bytes) Peterbuilt-in-paint.jpg (21637 bytes) Peterbuilt-jamey-and-trav.jpg (16607 bytes) peterbuilt-jamey-passed-out.jpg (12219 bytes)
      Beat down but almost finished. Jamey not lasting through one of the 40 hour shifts.
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      More pieces back from the painter.  Ready to be installed. The trucks colors finally in light.
Peterbuilt-out-of-shop-2.jpg (19214 bytes) peterbuilt-fenders-painted-.jpg (24679 bytes) peterbuilt-fender-painted-3.jpg (20349 bytes) peterbuilt-complete-2.jpg (24893 bytes) peterbuilt-complete.jpg (15657 bytes)
    Truck just about done. Final assembly. Truck on it's way home.
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    Before Little Pete came back for a visit so we finally got a finish picture. After.
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Mike stopped by recently. He had his new Texas bumper. 18 inches of chrome to drag. DAMN, check out Mike's new pipes. Everytime Petey comes by it has new goodies.