Phil bought his Sonoma stock in 1996.  The truck went through all the custom mods and hit shows and cruised for a few years.  Daily driven, bagged, and body dropped.  It now has a new owner and has seen some more work.

STOCK SUCKS!!! Lowered slightly and on its way... Lowered with Volvo Turbo Rims and grille inserted. Bagged and layin' frame.....ready for bodydrop. Custom gas filler door hidden behind taillight.
Shaving Rain gutters on the roof and frenching in the antennae. Bodydrop done, time to put it all back together. Painted cab and frame done. The final product....a railing machine!
Cardboard console to use as model. Slapped together and grinded down. Cup holders made and ready for body work. Bring on the bondo! Sanded and ready for primer.
felipe2000frontend1.jpg (37001 bytes) felipe2000frontend.jpg (47201 bytes)

Ready for paint.


Final product installed.  Dakota Digital air gauges inserted Phil's truck is back under construction.  Mild rework and new paint. Newer style front end being installed.
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