If you ever get railed on by a black, 70" stretch, Cadillac limo, don't cry....salute.

Hopefully we'll see some black Chevy Suburbans for big wheels and bag jobs soon.  The Secret Service has an image to keep as well.

Photo of the Presidential Seal It is important for the president to roll in style.  What better way to cruise than in an armorplated cadillac complete with adjustable air suspension.  This car is radical from it's Northstar powerplant to it's 8 lug wheels and heavy duty suspension.  


2 of the president's new limousines. Only one gets air suspension. The other stays wrapped up in  plastic.  
Travis ripping apart front suspension.   This was the first attempt to bag the car with strut bags. It ended up not working so we moved on to plan two. Air cyllinders.
We were going for the Titan rocket look. Travis trying to figure something else out.   Final strut assembly.
    Here's the installed front struts.   Locked up.
  Dumped.  Up next?  Bodydrop?