Rich Andaya's 98 Chevy truck.  It's supercharged and bagged rolling on 20's.  We are building the suspension to lay the body on the ground.  The 2-link in the rear will make his truck handle better and minimize the axle hop he is having trouble with.



Rich opted for a stock floor bodydrop over the old school way.  Not only does he want it to lay body, he wants the rocker cut down.  Sounds like a pain on those big 20 inch billet specialties.

rich.jpg (21341 bytes) rich's-1.jpg (18938 bytes) rich's-side-view.jpg (17837 bytes) Rich's-cab-stripped-out.jpg (29277 bytes) rich's-silveradocovered-in-.jpg (34007 bytes)
  Rich's truck as it rolled in for it's bodydrop   Interior is gutted. Stripping the front end down for dropping.
rich's-silverado-trav.jpg (26812 bytes) rich-gas-tank-out.jpg (24179 bytes) rich-gas-tank-cover.jpg (21172 bytes) rich-railed-under.jpg (18677 bytes) richs-on-lift.jpg (21752 bytes)
    The gas tank cover saw plenty of asphalt action as well. Front skid plate is pretty scarred.  
rich-undercarriage.jpg (24185 bytes) richs3by4boxtubing.jpg (27476 bytes) rich'sframe4.jpg (21713 bytes) wimpyframematerial.jpg (32366 bytes) richsframesetin.jpg (29610 bytes)
  New frame pieces.  According to some unnamed shops this stuff will just fall apart.     New frame is tacked in.
rich'sframe2.jpg (27129 bytes) rich'sframe.jpg (24373 bytes) cuttingrich'sframe3.jpg (31593 bytes) cuttingrich'sframe2.jpg (34452 bytes) cuttingrich'sframe1.jpg (30850 bytes)
3x4 box tubing is 1/4 wall and should have no problems supporting this truck.     Phil cutting out the old frame that is no longer needed.  
richsbodydrop1.jpg (36943 bytes) richsbodydrop.jpg (41565 bytes) richsbodydrop23.jpg (28112 bytes) richprogress.jpg (34298 bytes) richprogress1.jpg (26820 bytes)
Dropping the front mounts is necessary to get the body down.   Another view of the frame being shortened.    
richprogress2.jpg (26052 bytes) richprogress3.jpg (35989 bytes) richprogress4.jpg (18693 bytes) richprogress5.jpg (28510 bytes) rich-bodydrop.jpg (30677 bytes)
  Inner frame plating for extra strength.  It may not be necessary but it won't hurt.      
richbedfloor.jpg (32516 bytes) richprogress.jpg (34298 bytes) richprogress1.jpg (26820 bytes) richprogress2.jpg (26052 bytes) richprogress3.jpg (35989 bytes)
Bed floor going back together.        
richprogress4.jpg (18693 bytes) richprogress5.jpg (28510 bytes) richsfinishwork.jpg (20927 bytes) richsfinishwork2.jpg (41216 bytes) richsfinishwork3.jpg (34399 bytes)
richsfinishwork4.jpg (13519 bytes) richsfinishwork5.jpg (16964 bytes) richsfinishwork6.jpg (31108 bytes) richsfinishwork7.jpg (23476 bytes) richsfinishwork9.jpg (25606 bytes)
richsfinishwork10.jpg (30805 bytes) richsfinishwork11.jpg (18522 bytes) richsfinishwork12.jpg (27165 bytes) richsfinishwork14.jpg (44033 bytes) richsfinishwork15.jpg (22950 bytes)
richsfinishwork16.jpg (15461 bytes) richsfinishwork17.jpg (23032 bytes) richsfinishwork19.jpg (22362 bytes)