Rudy's Mazda 2200.  Rudy has transformed his Mazda from a lowly dawg into a nasty, rowdy, tiresmoking dragger.  Rudy's bagged and bodydropped dawg boasts a drivetrain straight from detroit muscle.  A 383 stroker motor motivates the package.  Legitimately dynoed at well over 400 horsepower, this engine turns a 4L80E transmission.  A stand alone trans computer controls the electronic shifting through the custom driveshaft into the built Ford 9 inch differential.  The narrowed rear end spins disc brakes and 20 inch wheels.  Rudy has been working on his project for quite a while trying to find the right combination of parts and engineering for the ultimate street truck.   Power, handling, and braking are all important aspects of this complete package.

Follow along as we build a custom rear frame clip for Rudy.  Rudy helped every step of the way and contributed many ideas to improve the overall design.  Rudy's truck utilizes a cantilever 4-link, Nascar sway bar design, triangulated linkage, and many other custom tricks.  Look for us to wrap up the Mazdawg with a pretty radical chop complete with a quartered roof in the coming months.

Rudy's new 9 inch Ford with fat rubber.   New frame rails under construction.   Rudy's old suspension and notch package.
New frame coming together.   Matt and Cary building the new back half. Old frame being removed.  
        New clip being set.
      Tying in the frame clip. Fuel set mocked up.
  Transmission cover installed .     Rear clip and suspension making progress.
rudy-rear14.jpg (30407 bytes) rudy-rear15.jpg (31533 bytes) rudy-rear16.jpg (34058 bytes) rudy-rear-19.jpg (64997 bytes)
        Nearly complete.
rudy-rear5.jpg (37751 bytes) rudy-rear6.jpg (32664 bytes) rudys-mazda-pan4.jpg (28917 bytes) rudys-mazda-pan2.jpg (25361 bytes) rudys-rear-close.jpg (34052 bytes)
    Front crossmember for slight modifications. OK, maybe not slight. Rudy wiring up rear of truck
rudys-rear-close3.jpg (33846 bytes)        

A fresh combo skin rolled in from Grant Kustoms.  We built some taillight fillers for Rudy's truck and welded it all in.  Caddy lights will slow down vehicles.  Some trick control arms from Custom Werks in TN were installed by Rudy .   

rudy-caddys.jpg (28212 bytes) rudy-caddys3.jpg (29271 bytes) rudy-caddys4.jpg (22595 bytes) rudy-caddys5.jpg (24605 bytes) rudys-cad-lights.jpg (37987 bytes)
The combo skin going on. Fonze building taillight fillers.     Bracing inside of combo skin.
rudys-cad-lights2.jpg (30587 bytes) rudys-cad-lights3.jpg (22826 bytes) rudys-crossmember.jpg (17309 bytes) rudys-crossmember3.jpg (31825 bytes) rudys-crossmember4.jpg (28113 bytes)
Cutting in the Caddy lights.   Building a new trans crossmember. Phil working on the new member.  
rudys-crossmember5.jpg (37192 bytes) rudys-mazda.jpg (26176 bytes) maddawg4.jpg (25821 bytes) maddawg5.jpg (30166 bytes) maddawg6.jpg (21255 bytes)
        New lower control arms with bag plates installed.
maddawg7.jpg (25685 bytes) maddawg8.jpg (28021 bytes) maddawg9.jpg (37016 bytes) maddawg-chris-bodywork.jpg (25854 bytes) maddawg10.jpg (27773 bytes)
    Installed in Mazda.   Slam bags mounted to the new control arms.
maddawg12.jpg (31682 bytes) maddawg14.jpg (29378 bytes) maddawg16.jpg (40516 bytes) maddawg17.jpg (36815 bytes) maddawg20.jpg (40127 bytes)
maddawg21.jpg (46657 bytes) maddawg23.jpg (41798 bytes) maddawg25.jpg (44053 bytes) maddawg26.jpg (43118 bytes) maddawg28.jpg (36344 bytes)
  Some more pics of the completed rear suspension with flowmasters mounted.      
rudys-control-arm.jpg (36236 bytes) rudys-motor.jpg (33737 bytes) rudys-rear-suspension2.jpg (36797 bytes)    
New upper control arms compliment the lowers.        

The Chop top begins.  Rudy wanted a different chopped look with a larger roof.  So we went ahead and quartered the roof keeping all the pillar angles the same. 

rudy-chop.jpg (20312 bytes) rudy-chop14.jpg (16621 bytes) rudy-chop15.jpg (21670 bytes) rudy-chop16.jpg (46984 bytes) rudy-chop17.jpg (28184 bytes)
rudy-chop6.jpg (32154 bytes) rudy-chop9.jpg (27957 bytes) rudy-chop3.jpg (34768 bytes) rudy-chop4.jpg (33844 bytes) rudy-chop5.jpg (31324 bytes)
    Rudy working on Matt's bike.   Chris marking out for the chop top.
rudy-chop7.jpg (31468 bytes) rudy-chop8.jpg (29372 bytes) rudy-chop18.jpg (36824 bytes) rudy-chop20.jpg (21467 bytes) rudy-chop19.jpg (25358 bytes)
    Chris cutting away. Shirt says it all.  
rudy-chop23.jpg (27625 bytes) rudy-chop2.jpg (27407 bytes) rudy-chop24.jpg (28296 bytes) rudy-chop26.jpg (25268 bytes) rudy-chop22.jpg (21131 bytes)
Quartered roof visible from this shot.     Tacking filler plates in.  
rudy-chop25.jpg (27501 bytes) rudy-chop27.jpg (26257 bytes) rudy-chop28.jpg (24032 bytes)    
    Finished rear window section.    

Fonze built a custom roof skin for the top.  He followed with raingutter shaving and B pillar filler plates.  Phil is working on setting up the new fiberglass hood cowl.

rudys new hood.jpg (22536 bytes) rudys-hood3.jpg (36450 bytes) rudys-hood4.jpg (30367 bytes) rudys-hood6.jpg (30324 bytes) rudys-hood7.jpg (27302 bytes)
New cowl section. Pretty big at this point.   Phil spreading the resin on.  
rudys-hood8.jpg (27304 bytes) rudys-sheetmetal2.jpg (23203 bytes) rudys-sheetmetal-11.jpg (24622 bytes) rudys-sheetmetal3.jpg (27987 bytes) rudys-sheetmetal5.jpg (37207 bytes)
Pie section to be removed to lower the back of the cowl. Fonze cutting out new roof section. Fonze burning more of the shop's gloves.  Thanks buddy.    
rudys-sheetmetal8.jpg (42230 bytes) rudys-sheetmetal6.jpg (23894 bytes) rudys-sheetmetal4.jpg (31779 bytes) rudys-roof-build2.jpg (31530 bytes) rudys-roof.jpg (18829 bytes)
  Working the sheetmetal into shape.   Cary and Fonze putting some crown in the roof piece.  
rudys-roof-build4.jpg (33107 bytes) rudys-roof-build.jpg (32852 bytes) rudys-sheetmetal9.jpg (20970 bytes) rudys-cab-shavers.jpg (33935 bytes) rudys-cab-shavers2.jpg (29328 bytes)
Shrinking the edges for a factory fit.       Quarter filler plates to replace old plastic ones.
rudys-sheetmetal14.jpg (34006 bytes) rudys-cab-shavers5.jpg (36728 bytes) rudys-cab-shavers4.jpg (29222 bytes) rudys-cab-shavers6.jpg (35508 bytes) rudys-cab-shavers3.jpg (29795 bytes)
Fonze building new B Pillars.   Compound curved pieces need to fit tight.   Tacking new filler plates in.