Steve brought his Dodge in with one thing in mind: lay frame on 22's.   Not a big deal, the bonus?  The truck lays lower, lifts higher and rides better after a rework of his suspension.  Don't ask us, just ask Steve.  He'll gladly tell you how much better the ride is.

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Travis making clearance for the big wheels. Restructuring the rear suspension begins with removal of the old air suspension. We'll also be cleaning up the wiring a bit and triggering the compressors off the ignition switch.    
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Bag is visible through the hole in the fenderwell. Bed fenderwells need to be raised to clear the 22's. Truck able to lay in the front.  On the ground where it belongs. Back needs 2 more inches but we need to rework the gas tank to make it lay.
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Steve helped to prep out his bed for fenderwell reinforcement. Resetting the innerfenderwell. They are set extra high for up to 24 inch wheels.
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Travis peeling the old stickers off. Travis enjoys trying to piss other shops off.  
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  Travis puts up the new logo.    Laid out with Wes' 93 in the background.  
stevebed1.jpg (25033 bytes) stevebed7.jpg (28339 bytes) stevebed3.jpg (28194 bytes) stevebed8.jpg (23706 bytes) stevebed9.jpg (39521 bytes)
  Installing the steel in the bedfloor.   This will cover up the notches and the third member.  
stevebed2.jpg (29572 bytes) stevebed6.jpg (36874 bytes) stevebed5.jpg (40577 bytes) stevebed10.jpg (27031 bytes) stevebed11.jpg (22924 bytes)
  The inner fenderwells are extended up to fit the tires. Final sheet metal ready for bodywork.    
stevebed12.jpg (26384 bytes)   stevesnewsystem.jpg (44346 bytes) stevesairtintake.jpg (42290 bytes) steveandponchoatsts.jpg (24204 bytes)
Smoothing out the bedfloor for Line-X.     New air intake. Steve laid out at the STS open house.
New linear actuators being installed.    These are taking the place of the hood hinge springs.    
Dodgerambeltdrivencomp.jpg (29593 bytes) Dodgerambeltdrivencomp1.jpg (29019 bytes)
    Installed and ready for paint. Engine driven belt compressor. Custom installation commencing in the next few weeks.