Travis' truck has come along way since he first started working at IF.  As his fabrication skills have improved, so has his desire to have one of the lowest, most unique trucks around.  We will continually update this page as his truck is slowly completed. He should have the truck completed and full show worthy by the 2002 show season.

Travis's truck looking foolish next to Louis's prostreet.  Time to fix that problem. Truck disassembled with front framework being done.  Also beginning to shave firewall. Firewall smooth and framework completed.  Motor installation is next on the list. Travis cutting off the rear of the truck's frame with his favorite tool.............Sawzall. Rear Frame is out, see it leaning against the wall.
New frame rails in place.  Airbag mounts completed and new 2-link bars are bolted in. Check out the massive notch.  And Yes......this truck uses every inch of it. Stock height floor.  Transmission hump needed to be modified.  This truck has it's rockers cut off to the door. Final assembly completed. Assembled.  Laying door, tucking lots of rim.
Starting on the rear of the bed. Extensive amount of metal work.  We enjoy combining heavy modifications with the use of factory parts and factory look. Travis grinding late into the night. Rear is completed and bodywork has begun.Final prep work is complete.  We have the bed sanded down and bodyworked for Line-X.   Spending time on the bodywork makes the final product look that much better when it's Line-X'd.
Fresh Line-X.  It looks killer and is one of our favorite bed finishes. Travis trying to show Fonze who's lower.  Travis's '70 has about one inch on Fonze's chopped '65 Chevy.

Travis's completed truck.  Driven and railed daily.


Travis' 70 Chevy looks cool and rails killer, but it could use a few more inches out of it for the correct proportions and shape.  2 inches out of the top is conservative but will probably look the best for this truck. Travis and Cary discussing the master plan for top shortening.
Interior and glass removed, ready for layout.   Taking initial measurements for cleaning and grinding. Truck's paint is cleaned and removed for work. Cary is holding the freshly cut door pillar and figuring the roof  work. Fonze beginning the cuts on the roof of the truck. Pillars are always tricky to cut out.
More cutting and metal removal. Fonze cutting away.  Notice metal braces inside cab to help located the cab and keep it from spreading or moving when the roof is removed.   Removing the top is the best part of the whole job. End of the first part of the project.  Now it's time to reassemble.


  Travis' roof back in place and welded up. Truck looks much better with 2 inches removed. Cab will look factory inside and out when done. The factory should have built them this way, it would have saved us a lot of work.
  Close up of fresh chop top. Travis checking the height.  Probably the most important item when building a truck. More pictures coming soon. The truck is in bodywork and will be painted custom in the next few months.  
travishood.jpg (24197 bytes)
Pictures of the truck with it's lower stance.   This may be the lowest 70's Chevy out there.   Travis and Fonze decided to lay back the hood to change the look of the truck slightly.
travshood3.jpg (32715 bytes) travhoodwork1.jpg (39636 bytes) travshood.jpg (34329 bytes) travishood6.jpg (45225 bytes) travishood5.jpg (45408 bytes)
  Here Travis slowly tack welds the hood back together.     The hood is moving along.  
travshood1.jpg (41527 bytes) travshood4.jpg (32265 bytes) travshood2.jpg (35478 bytes) travhoodwork.jpg (40186 bytes) travishood2.jpg (36151 bytes)
  All the final welding is done as all the gaps are filled in.   Grinding the hood down and smoothing it prior to bodywork. Slowly filling the modified area in.
travishood7.jpg (50030 bytes) travishood4.jpg (30635 bytes) travishood3.jpg (37452 bytes) travishood1.jpg (20227 bytes) travisraingutters5.jpg (31906 bytes)

Multiple coats of body filler are applied.


Last coat are completed.

Hood all roughed in and sanded down.  The new angle is clearly visible in this profile photo.

Getting ready to fill up the rain gutters.

travisraingutters9.jpg (47681 bytes)

travisraingutters10.jpg (42841 bytes)

travisraingutters4.jpg (33563 bytes)

travisraingutters6.jpg (35069 bytes)

travisraingutters.jpg (33343 bytes)

Tacking in the pieces.


This is an idea we had to clean up the rain gutter look without removing them.


We don't know how the final product will turn out but Travis is giving it a shot.

travisraingutters11.jpg (40474 bytes)

travisraingutters2.jpg (35112 bytes)

travisraingutters12.jpg (47982 bytes)

travisraingutters8.jpg (44609 bytes)

travisraingutters3.jpg (35429 bytes)


Front gutters are shortened then capped.




travisraingutters1.jpg (32022 bytes)

travraingutters.jpg (35252 bytes)

travraingutters1.jpg (33442 bytes)

travistruck.jpg (16771 bytes)

travistruck1.jpg (25068 bytes)


After final welding, the grinding begins.


The hood and gutter in primer.


travistruck2.jpg (22464 bytes) travistruck3.jpg (12541 bytes) travistruck4.jpg (26720 bytes) travistruck5.jpg (35706 bytes) travistruck6.jpg (18626 bytes)
  This modification still needs lots of work.  At this point it's very rough. Travis showing off his most recent ticket. Busted.
travistruck7.jpg (19179 bytes) travistruck8.jpg (34327 bytes) travistruck9.jpg (29861 bytes)  travisunderf1503.jpg (30572 bytes) travisunderf1502.jpg (28112 bytes) 
  Fonze using the situation as a photo op. 2 pages of violations this time.   Travis at 2002 Resolutions truck run.
travisunderf1501.jpg (29322 bytes) travdoorjamb9.jpg (21302 bytes) travdoorjamb3.jpg (27649 bytes) travdoorjamb5.jpg (33727 bytes) travdoorjamb4.jpg (31194 bytes)
  Travis will be removing the factory latches.   New bear claw latches installed.  
travdoorjamb6.jpg (41276 bytes) travwithcompressor.jpg (40521 bytes) travscompressor.jpg (46241 bytes) travrollingfromshop1.jpg (22098 bytes) travs-in-white.jpg (21470 bytes)
  Travis testing out a belt driven compressor. Soon to be available to our customers.    
travs-in-white2.jpg (23310 bytes)