Wes's '93 Chevy

This is our standard 2-link air bag set up being installed on Wes's 93 std. cab.

    Truck rolled in with a lowered stance, but nowhere near the height it would leave at. Bed off, disassembly started. Travis installing the super notches to allow the axle plenty of travel.  This truck is notched extra for future planned 20's.
Air tanks, compressors and valves all installed.  Notches are completed and painted.   2-link bars built and ready to be installed. Upper bag mounts complete and ready for the bags to be thrown in. Travis tacking the panhard bar into place. Almost ready for reassembly.
Final bolt tightening and airline routing before the bed goes back on. Laying frame and Escalade front bumper.  Ready to be railed. Wes visited recently with his truck painted and slowly nearing completion. We trimmed his fenderwells for clearance for his 20's. Truck looks great in black.  Truck also boasts purple pearl flames.  
  Wes railing on his small wheels.  We'll publish railing pics on 20's when he stops by again.