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This is how zyborg came to us.  It was air bagged but not laying frame. The truck rolled up with a 4 inch chop.   Paul had trouble with the chop and it took 3 different shops to get it finished. The rear bedsides had been pushed out a few inches.   It really threw the shape of the truck off so we are going to try and come up with a better way. This is the reason the truck is being built.  To haul around the Zyborg motorcycle.  To get more information on the motorcycle and it's construction photos, go to
zyborg13.jpg (37826 bytes) zyborg-before-start-of-work.jpg (17066 bytes) zyborg7.jpg (24878 bytes) zyborg-disassembly-1.jpg (23367 bytes) zyborg8.jpg (25909 bytes)
The bike will actually sit up 6 or 7 more inches in the truck when the bed floor is raised to clear the differential. Pull it in and rip it apart. Truck is torn down for rework of the suspension. Front clip is disassembled as well.  
zyborg6.jpg (22409 bytes) zyborg-old-suspension-1.jpg (31040 bytes) zyborg-disassembly.jpg (29576 bytes) zyborg-old-suspension.jpg (28236 bytes) zyborg-frame-shortening.jpg (20765 bytes)
  The bag over the axle set up is cut out and the 4 link will be in the trash as well.     Hybrid custom frame work will leave a stock floor interior.  
zyborg-frame-stepping.jpg (22815 bytes) zyborg-frame-shortening-2.jpg (29598 bytes) zyborg-rear-end-disassembly.jpg (29142 bytes) zyborg-frame-stepping-in-fr.jpg (21326 bytes) zyborg--trans-crossmember.jpg (25707 bytes)
The front frame needs to be stepped up 3/4 of an inch to lay cross member and frame simultaneously. Another view of the frame work.   Step in frame. Modifying the transmission crossmember to bolt up to the new frame and leave space for the exhaust pipes.
zyborg-dually-fenders-10.jpg (24083 bytes) zyborg-dually-fenders-9.jpg (20215 bytes) zyborg-dually-fenders-11.jpg (19823 bytes) zyborg-dually-fenders-6.jpg (18250 bytes) zyborg-dually-fenders-7.jpg (23557 bytes)
The bedsides were cut for tire space.  We also removed the bow from the bedsides. The bedsides will now be modified to fit the tires. We're going to build phantom dually fenders out of steel. They will be welded on for one piece dually bed sides. Fonze laid out all the templates and started to cut and tack in the new fender pieces.
zyborg-dually-fenders-3.jpg (21632 bytes) zyborg-fonze-working.jpg (26433 bytes) zyborg-dually-fenders-5.jpg (19722 bytes) zyborg-dually-fenders.jpg (25033 bytes) zyborg-dually-fenders-1.jpg (22759 bytes)
  Fonze checking out all his handiwork. Fenders beginning to take shape. A lot of cutting and welding was required. Fenders tuck a bunch of rim.
zyborg-dually-fenders-8.jpg (15111 bytes) zyborg-dually-fenders-2.jpg (22555 bytes) zydually-welding-sparks.jpg (26167 bytes) zydually2.jpg (19730 bytes) zydually3.jpg (22236 bytes)
  The goal is to give the bedsides the correct factory look.   The bodylines were taken from another bedside.    
zyborgphantomfender.jpg (36367 bytes) zyborggasdoor.jpg (30173 bytes) zydually1.jpg (20896 bytes) zyborggasdoor1.jpg (30516 bytes) zyborggasdoora.jpg (40163 bytes)
  We moved the gas door up slightly.  This will give the gas a better shot at the tank. Bedsides with cadillac lights and phantom dually fenders.   Grinding down welds and primer to prepare for bodywork.
zydually-welding.jpg (16581 bytes) zyborgphantomfender1.jpg (35113 bytes) zyborg-dually-fenders-4.jpg (17896 bytes) zyborgphantomfender2.jpg (35936 bytes) zydually4.jpg (26444 bytes)
Alot of welding was required to build the fenders. Fred grinding on the old primer.   Taking the truck down to metal so the filler will stick better. Almost all clean.
zyborg-bed-step-1.jpg (20374 bytes) zyborg-bed-step.jpg (22042 bytes) zyborg3rdbrakelight2.jpg (34577 bytes) zyborg3rdbrakelight.jpg (32873 bytes) zyborg3rdbrakelight1.jpg (33611 bytes)
Fonze installing the bed floor step. The bed floor was raised extra to hide the pumpkin so the motorcycle can be rolled in with no holes in the floor. This cadillac 3rd brake light takes a ton of work to make it fit the truck. Tacking in the pieces for the new brake light.  
zyborg3rdbrakelight8.jpg (47910 bytes) zyborg3rdbrakelight7.jpg (41448 bytes) zyborg3rdbrakelight3.jpg (38614 bytes) zyborgbrakelight.jpg (23702 bytes) zyborg3rdbrakelight6.jpg (44813 bytes)
Finishing up the final welding.   Fitting the new light.   Louis taking a break from plaster work enjoying a little sanding.
zyborg3rdbrakelight5.jpg (40071 bytes) zyborgbrakelight2.jpg (28163 bytes) zyborg3rdbrakelight4.jpg (45537 bytes) zyborgfenders4.jpg (47334 bytes) zyborgfenders5.jpg (53127 bytes)
    When Louis is done, he can go back to bagging his mercedes. Roughed in fenders in all-metal.  
zyborgroof.jpg (30376 bytes) zyborglicenseplate.jpg (35142 bytes) zyborgfrenchedplate.jpg (35766 bytes) zyborgfrontplate.jpg (28905 bytes) zyborgfrontplate1.jpg (25743 bytes)
  Modifying the front bumper.   Frenched in license plate.  This may or may not pass the vehicle code book.  
zyborgfenders2.jpg (45878 bytes) zyborgfenders1.jpg (33581 bytes) zyborgfenders.jpg (31023 bytes) zyborgfenders3.jpg (42136 bytes) zyborgaircleaner.jpg (43591 bytes)
  Bondo spread on the fenders.  After final sanding, truck will be sent to the bodyshop for primer work. Holes cut for the supertrapp mufflers.   Travis shortening the air cleaner to fit under the hood.
zyborginnerfenders.jpg (43512 bytes) zyborgbrakelight1.jpg (33834 bytes) zyborgbed.jpg (32230 bytes) zyboprimer.jpg (30565 bytes) zyborgcomplete5.jpg (38649 bytes)
    Fonze finishing up the final welding.   Inner fenders roughed in and bolted in.
zyboprimer4.jpg (20599 bytes) zyborgcomplete4.jpg (35802 bytes) zyboprimer1.jpg (30522 bytes) zyboprimer5.jpg (32780 bytes) zyborgcomplete.jpg (17964 bytes)
  Installing the new overflow tank.     Tuckin 20" Colorado Customs.
zyborprimer3.jpg (27970 bytes) zyborgcomplete2.jpg (21704 bytes) zyborgcomplete3.jpg (19643 bytes) zyborgcomplete1.jpg (20781 bytes) zyborgseat.jpg (21815 bytes)
Rolling out of the shop.   Completed Zyborg ready for it's maiden voyage. When it comes back for the bike fitting, we'll take some better pictures with the bike. Seat being rebuilt and stitched by Corby Hehman
zyborginteriorfinished.jpg (29818 bytes) zyborginteriorfinished2.jpg (36565 bytes) zyborgdagairedup.jpg (21869 bytes) zyborglaidinstreet.jpg (20276 bytes) zyborgrailing2.jpg (27966 bytes)
Interior complete with Connolly leather and Mercedes carpet. The headliner is suede.     Yes, it rails like the rest of our trucks.
travisinzyborg.jpg (23783 bytes)
    Gas door being set into the bedside.    
    Electric Solenoids mounted to tailgate latches.    
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