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Older projects that we worked on previously.  Usually these trucks are out of our shop for a few  months.  There are a large number of photos and may help you with your own projects or at least give you an idea of what it takes to build a custom vehicle.  Scroll down the page to find your type of vehicle.


Pro-Street Ram 

Octavio's 60 MercuryJacque's Bagged, Chopped, Bodydropped BeastRudy's Maddawg
Rick's Dime Jared's Chevy 


Pre 70's vehicles

Chris' '63 stock floor bodydrop, chop top, and full frame and suspension rebuild Al's '55 Chevy Bel Air for fast Airbags Bob 68 Pontiac Wagon for fast bags
Travis's '70 Chevy bodydrop, chop and other workSara's '71 Chevy for fast bagsAndy's '72 Blazer for fast airbags and stock floor bodydrop
Devin's Bel Air Wagon for airbag suspension on 20'sRaymond's 63 Chevy frame constructionMarissa's 64 Suburban for fast bags. 
Marty's '50 Oldsmobile for fast bags, shaving and mild custom work 60s/70s Chrysler airbag work"LITTLE PETEY"
  Sal's '64 Chevy for fast airbags


Chris' '63 stock floor bodydrop, chop top, and full frame and suspension rebuild Al's '55 Chevy Bel Air for fast Airbags Nick's 89 Chevy truck for fast airbags
Sal's '64 Chevy for fast airbags Gus' 2001 Silverado in for fast airbags and lying on 20s.Joe's '91 Chevy Airbag Suspension for Street Truck Magazine
Travis's '70 Chevy bodydrop, chop and other workSharock' 01 Silverado for fast bags on 20'sPhil's '93 GMC Sonoma misc. custom fabrication work
Sara's '71 Chevy for fast bagsRick's S-10 Wes's '93 Chevy for fast air bags
Andy's '72 Blazer for fast airbags and stock floor bodydropMark's '95 Chevy for fast bags on 22's just added: bodydrop on 22's Paul's ZYBORG 93 Chevy truck for bags and bodydrop
Sean's '78 Chevy "SLAMROCK"   for roof removal, etc. Joe Zuk's 2001 Silverado for airbag suspension Pancho's 93 Chevy for fast bags on 20's and 22's
Joe's 2000 GMC Sierra for fast bags Rich's '98 Chevy Extra Cab BodydropLouis's '94 Chevy Prostreet for every custom mod you can squeeze into one truck
Roy's  98 Silverado for airbag suspension rework.  Building trucks that ride better. Mike's '95 Chevy for stock floor bodydrop Martin's  94 Suburban for fast airbags on 20's
Marco's 97 S-10 for notching.David's  (Palmdog) 2000 Silverado Air Suspension RepairMatt's '94 S-10 for bodydrop
Benny's 95 Chevy for bags to lay frame 5-7 drop for Brandon's 2001 Chevy truckMeagan's '95 Tahoe for Cadillac lights and shaving
'95 S-10Fabian's '93 Chevy Suburban for stock floor bodydropJeff's 92 Chevy truck for fast airbags to lay frame.
Juan's Chevy for Light shaving.Joe's Silverado for fast bags with 2 link suspension.Kevin's Astro in for Caddy lights.
Bulmaro rolled from Fresno for an airbag job.  Now his daily driver is a daily draggerRoy rolled from Vegas with his new Dually for a complete air suspensionElizabeth's Sonoma for sheetmetal work and notching.
Chris's Astro for a suspension rework. Butch's Astro for fast bags.Sean's 91 Blazer for Fast Bags
Joe's Sonoma for fast bags.El Camino for shavingLittle Rob's Caprice for bags and a bodydrop
Daniel's Standard Cab Chevy for airbagsJustin's Step Side Chevy for bag rework on 20's.Marissa's 64 Suburban for fast bags. 
Tim's S-10 for fast bags.Chuck's Suburban Marco's 2002 Silverado
Mike Self's 91 Chevy truck for suspension rework and bodydrop on 20's.Shortening Jared's gas tank.  A one inch section keeps it off the ground.Stephen isn't happy with his truck just rolling on 20s.  He wants to drag, lay and do it all with a better than factory ride.
Dan's Silverado for fast bags and a stock floor bodydrop on 20s. Gerad's Silverado for fast bags to lay frame.Justin's 2000 Silverado back for a stock floor bodydrop.
Nick decided to drop his new 2003 to the body.  Will he peel paint off of his rocker first?  Only time will tell.Eric's 2002 Silverado for a Stock floor Bodydrop on 24s.  Truck has the new Caddy front clip on it.Danny's  2000 Silverado.  It already lays to the door, now it has 22s.
Jimmy's Dually for a Stock Floor Bodydrop to the door on 19s.Frank's Silverado for suspension reworkJason's Astro for Fast Bags and 2 link suspension
The I.F. Copper Hopper... Coming to a Show Near You! Frank V's 2004 For Airbag SuspensionTitus's 92 Chevy for airbags
Robert's 2001 Chevy Caddy Conversion Raymond's 63 Chevy frame constructionFronti's 93 Chevy for Caddy conversion
Devin's Bel Air Wagon for airbag suspension on 20'sJacob's S-10 for Airbag Suspension and Complete Custom Frame. (22s)Justin's Extreme for Airbags
Mario's Chevy to Repair Airbag Installation. John's Blazer for airbagsTodd's Tahoe for airbags to lay frame
Larry's S-10 for airbag installationOmar's Chevy for airbag installationJose's Caddy lights no more stock lights
Danny's Slamderado World's lowest Silverado???Jaime's Chevy for airbag installtionBlazer for Caddies cleaning up the look from behind.
Keith's '70 Chevy Davey's ChevyJude's Chevy
Dan's ChevyDan's S-10 
Tony's Chevy for bag system rework.Chuy's S-10 


Josh's '98 F-150  stock floor bodydrop.  Adding a supercharger and beginning final detail work on the engine compartment. Anthony's '95 Ford Ranger for fast air suspensionWilliam's 2000 F-150 Stock floor bodydrop and air suspension
Jay's '94 Mustang Kevin's F-150 Bodydrop on 22's96 Ford Explorer for air suspension repair
Jason's F-150 for a  airbag suspension rebuild and a bodydrop on 20's. Kevin's Ranger for custom taillight installationRoberts 00 F-150 for repair  
David's '98 Ford Ranger for fast airbags, stock floor bodydrop and shaving Slim Shady's Ranger for air system rework and bodydrop repair work. Rochelle's Ford for teardown of old suspension and installation of IF fast bags.
Robert's F-150 to roll with 22sJaime's Ranger with 18s and 20 for a bodydrop.Dwayne's Excursion for Fast Bags on 20s.
Josue's Expedition for suspension repair.James' 2003 Lincoln Navigator for airbags.Steve's Expedition for Suspension Rework
Mikey's F-150 Out with the juice, in with the airWelding and Other Work For Galpin Ford--This truck was featured in the Galpin Ford 2004 CalendarPeter's Ranger

Toyotas, Dodges, Nissans and Others

George's Hombre for fastbags and shaving.Scott's '00 Tacoma for fast airbags Phil's Mercedes Laid out on 20's
Steve's 2000 Dodge Ram for airbag suspension rework and setting it up to lay frame on 22's. "LITTLE PETEY"Marty's '50 Oldsmobile for fast bags, shaving and mild custom work
Alex's Toy for fast bags and shaving Bob 68 Wagon for fast bags Crazy Toy 93 Toyota for bodydrop to the door
 President's new Cadillac limo in for fast bags. Toy in for cross member rebuilding and combo skin installation. Drew's Dodge for a Stock Floor Bodydrop on 22s
Mike's Infiniti for air suspensionSteve's Ram in for suspension reworkChris's Nissan for air suspension
Alex's Dodge  
Barney's Taco for bag rework and a bodydropRocky's Dodge for suspension rebuilding. 60s/70s Chrysler airbag work


Mike's F-650